Canadian National Championships

June 20, 2021!

The Western Canada Irish Dancing Teachers’ Association (W.C.I.D.T.A.) is excited to announce the dates for the Canadian National Irish Dance Championships!

The event will take place October 15 – 17, 2021 in Calgary, Alberta.  (Competitions may also run on October 14 should entries dictate; to be confirmed by mid-August.) Competitions will be held at both the Hyatt Regency Calgary and Calgary TELUS Convention Centre.

Bringing Canada together, the Western Canadian Region is excited to host this World Qualifying competition! We are also very happy to be working closely with the Eastern Canadian region to make this event special for all of the nation’s dancers.

Accommodation information, the syllabus, and ongoing updates will be posted at

Thank you for your patience as we worked vigorously over the last few months to identify dates and a venue for this prestigious event, and to host it at a time when we project that all can attend.

Cara Casey-O’Loughlin A.D.C.R.G.
Chair of Canadian National Irish Dance Championships
Corresponding Secretary, W.C.I.D.T.A.

Linda Possak Anderson A.D.C.R.G.
Regional Director
Western Canadian Irish Dance Teachers’ Association

Ryan Carroll A.D.C.R.G.
Regional Director
Irish Dance Teachers Association of Canada, Eastern Region

June 10, 2021!

Hi everyone.  The contracts are ready for signing and the info (dates/location) is expected to be released by the hosting committee (the Western Canadian Irish Dance Teachers Association) by the end of this week.  I realize there haven’t been updates for quite a while but there hasn’t been anything 100% confirmed to update.  Stay safe and see you soon.

March 17, 2021!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.  While it might be gloomy for some Canadians still unable to get out to celebrate properly, hopefully this new will add a bit of joy to your day.

Hello Canadian Teachers and Dance Families,

We are pleased to be providing an update on our inaugural Canadian National Championships, about which we are very excited.  Work has been ongoing since its official announcement a few weeks ago!

Here is what can be confirmed right now:

⁃ The 2021 CNC Chairperson is Cara Casey-O’Loughlin ADCRG. Cara sits on the Board of Directors for the Western Canada Irish Dance Teachers’ Association, who will make up most of her core committee. Cara will also be working closely with both Western Canada’s and Eastern Canada’s Regional Directors. Volunteer opportunities abound so stay tuned for your chance to get involved ! We are very happy that Cara has accepted the Chair position for these championships and know she will do an amazing job !

⁃ The 2021 CNCs will be hosted in Western Canada.

– The syllabus for the Canadian National Championships and the US National Championships will be the same in terms of eligibility to compete at the event.

– For Canadian residents, the 2021 CNCs will be a qualifier for the 2022 World Championships.

⁃ We are unable to announce location or date at this point. These aspects are currently being considered with a view to that time when all Canadians might be able to travel to the event. We can say that CNCs will not happen prior to August 2021, and it is looking more like a fall event.

– We hope that further information will be available for all Canadian teachers and dance families by the end of March.

Western Canada looks forward to hosting this event, and both regional directors hope that all Canadian teachers join us in our anticipation of bringing our community together for the 2021 Canadian National Championships !

Angela Hogan ADCRG
Regional Director
Western Canada Irish Dance Teachers’ Association

Ryan Carroll ADCRG
Regional Director
Irish Dance Teachers Association of Canada, Eastern Region