Covid-19 Regional Committee

Hello everyone:

A committee was formed in Fall 2020 to explore ways to keep Irish dancers engaged while on break from being able to gather in large groups for competition due to Covid-19.

A few of the group’s ideas have already been implemented, such as arranging an online talk from Dr Sheila Dupuis, and arranging an online opportunity with Riverdance – The Show), a regional online competition and personal fitness challenges.  A second regional online competition is already in the planning stages.

With a new year, comes resolutions and health/fitness goals.  The Covid-19 Workgroup of the IDTACe put together a Splits Challenge for January, a Plank challenge for February, the “Mix It Up” challenge for March, Sunday workouts for April, and is working on a Running Challenge for May.  Follow us on Instagram.

Getting organized is a great first step toward achieving new personal bests, and with the bulk of the organizing already done for you, why not get started today???   Missed the monthly challenge?  Go back through old posts and get started now anyway.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

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