Our Feiseanna

Below is a list of the (very few) feiseanna offered across our mighty region, many of which operate on a tight budget, hoping only to generate enough income to front the following year’s event.

We are extremely fortunate to have volunteers from dancing schools and not-for-profit associations who put on these opportunities year after year to keep competitive Irish dance thriving in Eastern Canada, and as such, we ask that you consider supporting them by attending, volunteering, thanking/praising them when things go well and remaining positive if things do not.

Please remember that dance is a subjective art form so the results are not always going to go the way you might think, and please think twice before posting anonymous messages to online message boards complaining about feiseanna.  Instead, consider speaking with and/or sending constructive feedback directly to the organizers for the following year’s planning. Naming children (or implying their identity) whom you think do not deserve placements on a public message board is abusive behaviour and is not acceptable.

If you feel a feis is in breach of a rule then please speak with your teacher and/or contact the feis organizer with a formal complaint (ideally while you are there) so the organizers have a chance to do something about it.

Good luck to everyone and thank you to parents, dancers, teachers, judges, musicians, sponsors, vendors and feis organizers for all that you do!

JAN – O’Donnell Winterfeis, Markham ONT (Returning in 2019 after a short hiatus)
MAR – Grace O’Malley Feis – Milton ONT (Postponed – new date unknown)
MAR – Maple City Feis – Chatham ONT (New date for 2019)
MAR – Cornell Championships and Grade Feis – Chatham ONT (New feis for 2019)
MAY – Forest City Feis – London ONT
MAY – Mae and Paddy Butler Feis – Scarborough ONT
MAY – Ville Marie Feis – Montreal QUE
MAY – Capital Feis – Ottawa ONT
JUN – GT Feis – Brampton ONT
JUN – Golden Horseshoe Feis – Milton ONT
JUL – Greater Niagara Feis – St Catherine’s ONT
AUG – Fundy Feis – Fredericton NS or Feis Nova Scotia – Halifax NS
AUG – Young Academy Summer Blackout Feis (New feis for 2019)
SEP – Oakville Feis – Oakville ONT
SEP – Vieux Quebec City – Quebec City QUE
OCT – Newmarket Feis – Newmarket ONT
OCT – Rose City Feis – Windsor ONT
OCT – Roseland Feis – Ancaster ONT
NOV – Feille Nollaig – Nepean ONT (New date for 2018)
NOV – East Toronto Championships – Scarborough ONT (New feis for 2018)