November 23, 2021

Wondering what to see and do, and where to eat when you come to Toronto for the Oireachtas?  Here is all the info you need, provided by Tourism Toronto.  Check out the Restaurants and Nightlife tab for great suggestions on restaurants in the area.  


Remember, the hotel restaurant and room service will not be in operation during our stay, so plan accordingly; especially for breakfasts.  Quinn’s Irish Pub is accessible from the Concourse floor, via The PATH, and there is a Tim’s or two nearby.  You can also use Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes and Door Dash to order delivery to the hotel (you will have to meet your driver in the lobby). 

November 10, 2021

Here is an Oireachtas update.

ECRO Costume Room Form Sheraton


ECRO2021 Premiere Newsletter

ECRO2021 Solo Newsletter


2021 ECRO Stage Schedule – Public


Northwest Designs Ink
Quinn’s Steakhouse & Bar
Tourism Toronto
Sheraton Hotel

Shamrock Photography
Mirena’s Fashions
Glam with Shauna
Feis Fayre Eastern Canadian Region

October 29, 2021

Here is an Oireachtas update.


Registration is now full and closed.  A wait-list for 1-10 will be kept, but no applications for 11-12 will be accepted.  Thank you for your support and interest.  

October 23, 2021

Here are a few Oireachtas updates.

You can download the official syllabus here.  Please take the time to read it, and familiarize yourself (and your dancer) with the various procedures and policies listed therein. 2021 ECRO Syllabus V4

Entries are handled via QuickFeis.com and close on Sunday October 24.  Late entries will not be accepted.  Due to Covid-19, the entry deadline was extended by one month, leaving very little time to process the entries and finalize order for awards, set the final stage schedule and other important logistics.  Only teachers can lodge entries for this event, but each participating family must have an account with QuickFeis.com in order to be registered.  There can be no changes to the selection of dances for Premiere competitions, however it is possible to change the set dance or speed for the Solo Championship events right up until the day of competition.

The final timetable will be posted in November.  Here is a breakdown of the competitions per day in the meantime.
Friday – Premiere U6, U7, U8, U9, U10 and U11; Boys/Girls Solo Championships U8, U9, U10 and U11
Saturday – Boys/Girls Solo Championships U16, U17, U18, U19, U20, U22 (Ladies), 20&O (Men) and 22&O (Ladies)
Sunday – Premiere U12 and 12&O (or U13 and 13&O if 12&O splits); Boys/Girls Solo Championships U12, U13, U14 and U15


David Smith ADCRG – Scotland
Margaret Morgan ADCRG – Scotland
Sharon Taylor ADCRG – Scotland
Nina Burke ADCRG – Ireland
Mark McCole ADCRG – Ireland
Anthony Costello ADCRG – Ireland
Deirdre Penk-O’Donnell ADCRG – Canada
Lisa Petri ADCRG – USA
Erin Kennedy ADCRG – USA

Pat King – Canada
Brian Grant – Canada
Tony Rutherford – USA
Linda Rutherford – USA
Shannon Quinn – Canada
Brian O’Sullivan – Scotland


Friday December 3 and Saturday December 4 – Examiner: Margaret Cleary SDCRG – USA

There have been a record number of applications accepted for Grade 11 and Grade 12 (nearly 20), which is amazing.  Applications for those grades are closed and there can be no exceptions, due to the timelines and policies set forth by CLRG (it is not a local decision). 

Registration is now open at Feis.Link for Grades 1-10, and there are very few spots left.  Don’t delay if interested.  Registration closes November 5 or whenever the CAP is reached.


Official Photographer – Shamrock Photo
Official Merchandiser – Northwest Designs Ink
On-site Spray Tanning
On-site Vendor
On-site Vendor
On-site Vendor


There is no Dinner Dance or Kids’ Movie Night this year.  Events such as these were not permissible under Covid-19 restrictions when the syllabus, temporary daily schedule and room block had to be distributed/opened.  We will miss these highly popular functions but they will be back in full swing in 2022.  Sorry to disappoint!

We will be looking for volunteers to work shifts at the Costume Re-sale room, Headquarters/Registration Desk and other areas.  A sign-up genius will be created and the link will be sent out to teachers and posted here.  We hope to see you, even for an hour or two, so please consider helping out.  Thanks!

October 7, 2021

Here are a few Oireachtas updates.

The Sheraton hotel re-opened on October 1 after an extensive closure for renovations.  The room block is now open for bookings at $197++ for two doubles or one king, or $277++ for a king suite.  The $197++ rate is valid for several days before and after the event, whereas the suite rate is only valid over the competitions dates.  There will be a one-night non-refundable deposit taken, although it won’t happen immediately upon booking because it will have to be applied manually.  Additionally, there are a handful of large one-bedroom suites available at a room rate of $647 + taxes, but they can only be reserved by contacting sher.yyztc.ressupport@sheratonhotels.com directly.

Finally, we have full inventory of double-bedded rooms, so once they are gone, I will not be able to find any more.  These rates are available until NOVEMBER 9, 2021 (subject to inventory – they could disappear sooner).  Anyone looking to book after this date will have to pay regular rates, and I won’t be able to help with this, sorry.

Book your group rate for Oireachtas 2021 HERE

The current Ontario requirement for admission/participation to restaurants, dance classes, gyms and functions such as the Oireachtas is for persons aged 18 and older to show proof of double vaccination, however, some Ontario municipalities are starting to require ages 12 and older for indoor sports & recreation facilities.  While we cannot predict the situation in December, I would suggest advising families that it’s very possible the minimum age will be reduced by the Province to 12 and older, so they should consider that before paying to register for the Championships if they don’t intend to vaccinate their youth.  This will mean that the second dose will have to be administered at least two weeks prior to the intended date of access to the hotel/Conference Centre.

The IDTACe regional workgroup (set up shortly after when the first Covid lockdown began) has already met to work on all aspects of the Covid-19 issue (safety, policy implementation, cleaning, security, advanced communication, on-site signage etc.).  Extensive details will be published closer to the time of the event.  It is unknown if there will be strict limits on admissions such as one adult per dancer.

Ryan Carroll ADCRG/BG
Regional Director
Irish Dance Teachers Association of Canada – Eastern Region