Oireachtas 2017

Hotel Booking Information: (as at OCT 27, 2017)
-The Oireachtas hotel has reached 100% in the room block, which means the preferred room rate is no longer on offer.
-Keep checking from time to time in case there are cancellations.
-There is no mandate to stay at this hotel, however we need to maximize reservations to benefit from discounts and rebates to off-set the high costs of running this event in a top downtown hotel and to afford and international panel of judges and musicians, among other costs.  Thank you for supporting the event by booking out the host hotel.

General Event Information: (as at OCT 27, 2017)
-The dates for the event are Friday November 10, Saturday November 11, and Sunday November 12, 2017.
-The location is the same as in 2016: Sheraton Toronto Centre, 123 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, 416-361-1000.
-Follow this booking link for inquiries: https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/2IK08B
-One night will be taken as a non-refundable deposit, and the rate will be honored (subject to inventory) until October 17, after which regular rates will apply and there will not be anything the committee can do about this.  UPDATE: As noted above, inventory has been sold so regular hotel rates now apply.
-The schedule will remain the same as in previous years, although the order on the days may change around.  Friday will be solo championships for boys and girls u8-u15 and begin with u8 in one room and u9 in the other; Saturday will be solo championships for boys and girls u16 and older, plus adult team events; and Sunday will be all remaining team events plus premiere competitions.

Downloads: (as at OCT 27, 2017)
ECRO2017 Local Area Map
ECRO2017 Floor Plan
ECRO2017 Syllabus
ECRO2017 Stage Schedule FINAL
ECRO2017 Need To Know (note there is no FB page this year as written on this document)
ECRO2017 Media Policy
ECRO2017 Acknowledgments
ECRO2017 Dress Room Form

Social Media: (as at OCT 27, 2017)
Twitter: ECR_Oireachtas
Instagram: ECR_Oireachtas
Web: Tourism Toronto has created a dedicated website for patrons of the ECRO, with discounts to local attractions.  Check it out!

Sponsors: (as at OCT 27, 2017)
DIAMOND SPONSOR : Sheraton Hotel
DIAMOND SPONSOR : Tourism Toronto
GOLD SPONSOR : Scotiabank
SILVER SPONSOR : Northwest Designs Ink.
SILVER SPONSOR : Shamrock Photography
BRONZE SPONSOR : Irish Cultural Society
BRONZE SPONSOR : Quinn’s Steakhouse & Irish Bar

: (as at OCT 27, 2017)
Feis Fayre
Gold and Shamrock
Head for the World
Northwest Designs Ink – Official Merchandiser
Phoenix Designs
Reel Celtic Beauty
Shamrock Photography – Official Photographer

Dinner Dance Information: (as at OCT 27, 2017)
-Saturday November 11, 2017
-Celebrating “The World’s Greatest” – the ten World Champions from the ECR
-Ruth Garrett, Brian Grant, Michael McCloskey, Darren Smith, Ciaran Plummer, Stephen McAteer, Kathy Irvine, Emily Penner, Michaela Hinds, Ian Gott
Odinnerdance17@gmail.com for more info
ECRO2017 Dinner Dance Flyer

Movie Night:
(as at OCT 20, 2017)
-Saturday November 12, 2017 from 6pm-815pm in Sheraton C (the movie will actually start at 6:30pm)
-featuring The Emoji Movie, plus games & crafts (with prizes for each) and goodie bags
-goodie bags will be peanut-free
-tickets will be on sale at HQ on Saturday only, for $5 (max. 100 tickets)
-registration will be required at time of purchase, to include: child’s info, parent’s info, pickup person’s info and any other concerns should be mentioned at that time
-a sign-in/out form system will be used for washroom trips
-it’s OK for kids to wear their PJs
-the event will be supervised by TCRGs (volunteers are needed to help with crafts etc.)
-photos will be posted to Instagram #ECR_oireachtas (let HQ know if you wish to opt out)
Download the Movie Night Poster

Adjudicators:  (as at FEB 3, 2017)
Stephen McAteer, UK
David Moore, IRL
Nina Burke, IRL
David Smith, UK
James McCutcheon, UK
Ronan McCormack, NOR
Noreen Smith, USA
Frank Cunniffe, USA
Bernadette Gavin, USA

(as at FEB 3, 2017)
Pat King, CAN
Brian Grant, CAN
Shannon Quinn, CAN
Quentin Simms, CAN
Brian Glynn, USA
Martin Morrisey, USA

Future Events:
(as at JUL 11, 2017)
-Oireachtas 2018 DEC 7, 8 and 9, Sheraton Hotel, 123 Queen Street West, Toronto ON
-Oireachtas 2019 – DEC 6, 7 and 8, Westin Harbour Castle, 1 Harbour Square, Toronto ON
-every effort was made to secure a suitable venue for our preferred weekend in November at an affordable rate with no success