Oireachtas 2017

November 10-11-12, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, 123 Queen Street West

Downloads: (as at FEB 3, 2017)
These are last year’s files for reference.  All are subject to change.
ecro2016-Costume Room Form
ecro2016-Floor Plan
ecro2016-Key Sponsors
ecro2016-Everything You Need To Know
ecro2016-Stage Schedule FRI&SAT
ecro2016-Stage Schedule SUN

Social Media
Twitter: ECR_Oireachtas
Instagram: ECR_Oireachtas

Tourism Toronto will be creating a webpage for us with things to see and do, along with discounts.  They are working on an information sheet for us, which I will post in the Downloads section as soon as I receive it and will be available free at our event HQ.

Sponsors: (as at FEB 3, 2017)
EVENT SPONSOR : Tourism Toronto
EVENT SPONSOR : Sheraton Hotel
EVENT SPONSOR : Northwest Designs Ink.
EVENT SPONSOR : Shamrock Photography

: (as at FEB 3, 2017)
Official Merchandiser – Northwest Designs Ink
Official Photographer – Shamrock Photography

Dinner Dance Information: (as at FEB 3, 2017)
-Nothing to report, other than it will occur on Saturday November 11, 2017.

Hotel Booking Information:
(as at Feb 3, 2017)
-The room block will open earlier this summer than in 2016 (most likely in July).
-Reservation information will be sent to teachers and posted here when available.
-The room rate will be $160 plus applicable taxes.
-A one night, non-refundable deposit will be taken at the time of booking.
-Reservations made prior to the opening of the block will not qualify for the preferred rate.
-There is no mandate to stay at this hotel, however we need to maximize reservations to benefit from discounts and rebates to off-set the high costs of running this event in a top downtown hotel and employ and international panel of judges and musicians, among other costs.

(as at FEB 3,2017)
Stephen McAteer, UK
David Moore, IRL
Nina Burke, IRL
David Smith, UK
James McCutcheon, UK
Ronan McCormack
Noreen Smith, USA
Frank Cunniffe, USA
Bernadette Gavin, USA

(as at FEB 3, 2017)

Oireachtas 2018 – December 7, 8 and 9

Sheraton Hotel, 123 Queen Street West, Toronto ON

Oireachtas 2019 – December 6, 7 and 8
Westin Harbour Castle, 1 Harbour Square, Toronto ON